Thomas McDonald


  • Liverpool
  • United Kingdom



2008-2010  - Polycount Productions Finland

Titles in this position: Environment Artist


  • Establishing pipelines and processes:

    • Prototyping and developing pipelines and construction techniques

    • Developing and advising the direction of the lighting and shading pipelines

    • Documenting construction standards and budgets

    • Evaluating software and research and development

  • Managing environment art staff:

    • Environment Artists and Texture Artists

    • Technical and artistic direction

    • Mentoring and team development

    • Assigning tasks and tracking progress

  • Administrative:

    • Liaising with the Engine and Technical departments about feature and tool requirements

    • Managing and tracking environment assets

    • Scheduling milestone submissions and ensuring milestone requirements are met

    • Liaising with other production departments to establish the limitations and scope of the project

  • Quality Assurance:

    • Establishing and maintaining a coherent and consistent direction within the department

    • Monitoring artistic quality and consistency

    • Bug tracking and troubleshooting

    • Research and development into new industry practices

    • Console performance profiling

  • Asset Production:

    • Modelling of instanced and unique prop assets for multiple platforms (Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii)

    • UV unwrapping and texturing

    • Lighting all environments

    • Asset placing and world dressing in proprietary level design packages


As Lead Environment Artist at Polycount Productions Finland, I am responsible for all aspects of environment development across the project. I manage the creation, technical budget, artistic direction and performance profiling. I also direct the development of environment shaders and environment tool requirements as well as personally lighting all 2 levels and Objects throughout the game.


  • All Items were delivered on deadline, on scope and on budget.

  • Proudly self educated and I have gone from a hobbyist making third party levels for first person shooters to working in a number of mod team’s within the Unity3d community.


Practical Skills

·        Team management, product management and scheduling

·        Extensive experience modelling in various 3D packages

·        Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills

·        A keen eye for fine detail with constructive criticism and analysis skills

·        Natural and organic terrain creation

·        Hard surface and architectural modelling skills

·        Texture creation, Diffuse, Normal, Specular and more

·        Level design and scripting with CSG/BSP editors

·        Tutorial and Documentation creation and training employees

·        Effect creation

·        Game design and documentation

·        Marketing and promotion (interviews, game promotional material)

·        2D graphic design and GUI design

Software Knowledge

  • Unity3d

  • Maya

  • 3D Studio Max

  • google sketchup

  • World Machine

  • Various CSG Map and Level Editors

  • Photoshop

  • CrazyBump


Title: Dead Wake

Year: 2008

Publisher: Polycount Productions Finland

Platforms: PC